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BLED - Zdraviliški park

12 - 14 april od 10h - 19h


BLED - Zdraviliški park

1 - 5 maj od 10h - 19h


Who are the earrings named after? ➡ After the Birds!!

While watching documentaries about birds I was fascinated by their colorful colors and the number of different species that exist all over the world.

I noticed the incredible similarity between them and the color combinations of their earrings. That's how I got the inspiration for the names of the earrings in the colors of nature from the birds.

Earrings are made from designer fabrics of various patterns and colors. Everyone is like that a pair similar to another type of bird. In this way, the earrings got duplicates who fly around the world like I once did when I was a flight attendant. 😍

You can see all the earrings under the unique fabric earrings collection. Each earring comes with a name in s a picture of your double. 🦜🦩 🦢 I hope you like the duplicates and see the similarities that I see.😃

Everyone the earrings are unique, as they are my handiwork.

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I am a passionate creator of handmade jewelry. You can find my products under the brand RedEar Design. All are unique, hypoallergenic and made in Slovenia.

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Each product is unique and handmade in Slovenia.


Choose your favorite fabric color of earrings, cufflinks or sets. Send me your wishes at tina@redear-design.com.< /p>


Delivery by Pošta Slovenija in 2-3 working days. Free delivery in Slovenia for purchases over €20.

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Earrings are available in five different sizes from 0.95 cm to 2.15 cm. The available size is written on each earring. If you have any special wishes regarding sizes and colors, you can contact me at tina@redear-design.com

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