About me

Which from, passionate creator of handmade fabric jewelry. You can find my products under the brand RedEar Design. They all are unique, hypoallergenic and made in Slovenia.

When and how did my story of creating unique products begin?
I have loved earrings since childhood. I have an unusual passion for them, so I made them myself years ago. The earrings that I wanted, "unfortunately" or "fortunately", did not yet exist. That's why I designed it earrings made of fabric, different colors and patterns, which do not cause allergies. Due to the great interest, I created the RedEar brand, which soon turned from a hobby into a business. I enjoy making earrings immensely. 
Why the name RedEar?
The name came to me in Thailand while lying on a sandy beach while drinking a cocktail. There, I finally noticed how funny my body reacts to the heat, specifically my ears. I thought about how my ears turn red whenever I'm hot, angry, or just wearing nickel jewelry. So why would I have constant red ears when I can avoid them in the latter situation by using quality jewelry that does not contain nickel. That's why I decided to make unique hypoallergenic earrings from fabric covered in various designer fabrics that do not cause allergies and red ears, and in this way help you too. Hence the name Red (Red) Ear (ears). :) 
How did my story continue and what else did I start making?
My passion for earrings and fabric later turned into making because of the beautiful fabric cufflinks and jacket brooches. Cufflinks and jacket brooches proved to be the perfect set for a man, perfect gift for business partners or just as a birthday gift for him. 
Cufflinks in combination with women's earrings from the same designer fabric can be the whole thing complete a nice gift for a wedding, wedding gift for the bride and groom or maybe even a personalized unique gift for the couple.
Because of all the beautiful earrings suitable for weddings, I came up with the idea that I could make a product with which the bride could propose to her best man and her bridesmaids in an elegant way.
On the cardboard, where it says, Be my wedding witness, there are earrings. The whole thing is nicely packed in an elegant box. For the bridesmaids, the same card comes with the inscription Be my wedding bridesmaid, and you can choose the color of the earrings according to your wishes. All the bridesmaids can have the same earrings that they will wear at the wedding.
The same invitation is for a male wedding witness, who receives a gift from the groom in a personalized package of cufflinks and a card with the dedication, Be/will be my wedding witness. 
 If you want to surprise yourself or your loved ones with personalized handmade unique jewelry according to your wishes, email me at tina@redear-design.com. I will try to accommodate all your wishes.